Enhance Beauty Founder Launches Own Aromatherapy Range


My name is Carolina Brennan, Director of Enhance Beauty, and its sister salon The Anti Ageing Clinic.  As an aesthetic therapist for over 25 years I have helped women look and feel the best they possibly can.

During this time I have researched the six main areas of concern for most women and these are low energy levels, muscular aches and pains, hormonal issues and mood swings, poor sleep, stress and skin issues

Now I have formulated and developed my own aromatherapy range , ‘Carolina Aromatherapy’, to deal with each one of these issues.  My range consists of Vitality for energy levels, Muscle-eze for muscular aches and pains, Stimulating for cellulite and water retention, Rebalance for hormonal issues, sleep range to balance and restore sleep patterns and Tranquillity for stress and an Anti-Ageing Elixir range for the face and body.

We also have an exquisite collection of candles and diffusers which help create the perfect atmosphere in your home and compliment your lifestyle.  They make great gifts for yourself and others.

You may have seen, and smelt, the products in the salon and now you can browse the store online and purchase them for yourself by visiting the website .

I hope you enjoy them!


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